Friday, October 10, 2014

ND Dispatch #4: Williston snapshots

I thought it might be fun to share a few photographs of places which ended up appearing in the novel.

 You'll notice that Wal-Mart figures prominently: truly, it felt like the very heart of the town. I don't mean that in a bad way, either--though many of my loved ones are not fans of Wal-Mart, for me it evokes pleasant childhood memories. In Missouri, it was a place I could bike to, with air conditioning, where I could buy cheap treasures with my allowance....whereas in Williston it really has the feel of the general store/outfitter.

my rental car - after I scraped it off. It was dirty, had a cracked windshield, and smelled like cigarettes. Also - no snow tires!!

this is the start of the snow storm that ended up closing the highway and airport during my visit

WalMart, at midday when there were fewer shoppers

men sleep in their trucks in the lot due to the housing shortage

the Wal-Mart liquor store, by local law housed separately. This was the only part of Wal-Mart that I found depressing.

Western dress is standard

At WalMart, you can buy your groceries...

....get your hair cut.... all your cold-weather gear...

...get your nails done...

...and buy jeans for the whole family. No Lucky or Hudson here!

the Williston library...shoveling done by librarians!


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