Friday, September 19, 2014

Review Love from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus & Suspense

My release day is less than a month away, and the reviews are beginning to come in.  So pleased to report the nice things being said:

Publisher's Weekly
Two women from opposite ends of the country, and the socioeconomic spectrum, join forces in a desperate race to discover what happened to their missing oil rig worker sons in this moving mystery from Edgar-finalist Littlefield. Combining their complementary skills—Shay’s doggedness, Colleen’s diplomacy—the mothers start to make some headway, but that may not be enough to outmaneuver the forces trying to stymie them (or to overcome their simmering mutual distrust). Littlefield maximizes the emotional impact of her character-driven cautionary tale. 

A dark tale of two mothers seeking their sons, dead or alive. As twist leads to turn, they discover how poverty, greed and jealousy can add up to tragedy. Edgar Award nominee Littlefield deftly contrasts Shay's and Colleen's experiences and prejudices. Colleen's...conflicts with Shay neatly calibrate her troubles with Paul. It's a good yarn, weaving together corporate and personal malfeasance. A satisfying, icy thriller.

Suspense Magazine
Littlefield leads us through the snow and slush chasing red herrings, from the oil rigs to the local bars. It doesn’t really leave us with a traditional happy ending, but then life rarely does. This is a story of a mother’s determined yearning for the truth no matter what and in that, we are dragged to the emotional ending as harried, exhausted, as those searching. I read this on one sitting, unable to leave the fray with the boys’ lives at stake.

And a very delightful surprise - today when I got home, there were two packages waiting outside my apartment door, from two special people - Abby Zidle, my editor at Simon& Schuster, and Laura Palmer, my UK publisher.  I had a feeling I knew what was inside: the finished copies of my book. I'm well beyond pleased with how they've turned out!

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