Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ND Dispatch #2: THE MISSING PLACE soundtrack

*** second in a series of posts from while writing THE MISSING PLACE ***

I cheated a little when creating my writing soundtrack for the MISSING PLACE. Usually, I choose music based not on my own taste but on that of the characters. For instance, when I was writing BANISHED, my first young adult novel, I listened to a lot of Seether and Staind.

Not so this time. I guess I gave myself permission to take some liberties because this was my most challenging book yet, so I paved the way by choosing a theme song by my favorite artist, Chris Knight, called "North Dakota". Check it out here:

As it happens, I love Shay's theme song too: "One of Us" by Joan Osborne. It's a weird coincidence that Shay, in my mind, looks almost exactly like Joan.

Colleen was a little tougher. I love Colleen, but I don't love her taste, probably because she's cobbled partly from parts of myself that I've left behind. So I imagine her to listen to uptight, bland music, the sort of thing they might play at Sur La Table, for instance, if they play music there...maybe upbeat tunes (with a thread of desperation that I'm probably imagining) from the likes of Phil Collins and John Mayer.

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