Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's for Dinner?

You can ignore this post - it's really for Junior, who is working at her first job far from home this summer, and wanted to know what to make for dinner that was cheap and healthy. (But if you're my superfan and you're curious about what I have for lunch pretty much every day, read on!)

First things first: go to the store and buy a pre-cooked chicken, pasta, and some veggies. Any veggies will do, pretty much.

Start the pasta. Then wash and chop up the veggies. Do enough for two or three meals.

Now cut up the chicken. Use a sharp knife and a fork. (Chop the veggies first so you don't have to wash the cutting board.)

A chicken will be enough for at least three meals. Put the extras in baggies in the fridge.

Heat oil on high or med-high on the stove. Here is how much to use:

While it's heating up, give the veggie scraps to a hungry beagle. :)

Saute the veggies that take the longest, which include green beans, peppers, onions, carrots. Just stir them in the oil until they begin to brown.

Next add tomatoes, zucchini, snap peas if you are using them and stir around for a while.

Turn heat to medium and add greens, like spinach. Put in lots! You won't believe how much they cook down.

While those are cooking, get out your spices and cheese if you like. (I use salt, pepper, herbes de provence that Julie brought back from france, and I shredded my own cheese because I am fancy. but you can use pre-shredded parmesan and Italian Seasoning.)

Stir the spices into the pan, then put on your cooked pasta, and sprinkle the cheese on top.

It's too hot to eat at first, so go ahead and put some hot soapy water in the pan. It'll be much easier to clean later!

 You'll have enough to share, so offer some to your roommate!!  (Love you, sweetie!)

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