Thursday, February 13, 2014

Romance Lives! the NYTBR

You know I've had my differences with the New York Times Book Review this past year, but last Sunday they broke new ground (for them) and included coverage of romance novels.

Now, I can be quite tetchy and sensitive about this kind of thing, and while the BR purported to cover "love stories" this week, there are all kinds of comments I could make about the tilt of the composition and tenor of the reviews included.

But I think, for once, it might simply suffice to say Bravo - and don't let this be a one-time thing.

Here's this week's Shortlist, by Sarah MacLean, covering novels by Sherry Thomas, Kristan Higgins, Tracy Anne Warren, and Karen Rose.

Incidentally, Sarah may have been asked to write this Shortlist after she took the NYTBR to task for their exclusion of romance novels in a discussion of sex in books. GO SARAH.

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