Friday, February 21, 2014

Back in the Swing

I didn't realize how hermit-like I was being this month until Barbara actually emailed me to demand what the hell I was up to. Here's the thing - I was recovering from this super-minor little surgery and then I got sick for weeks and weeks and I was just plain out of sorts, and I'm a really bad patient (grumpy, ungrateful, impatient) so I was just trying to stay out of everyone's way.

But this week things have turned around. I'm still sort of deaf in one ear and I can't lift things or go to the gym until Tuesday, but I can see the end in sight. Last weekend I got a breathtaking reminder of why I live in NorCal, and I counted my blessings while watching a fire blaze on a misty coastal night - I believe in embracing our primitive natures over fire whenever possible.

driving the coast last weekend
And then today I woke to one of those breathtaking blue-sky mornings where even the worst parts of town look gilded and celestial. We took advantage of all that sunshine and had breakfast down on International Boulevard, and while putting away a trucker-sized platter I considered all the good fortune  raining down lately. In the last few weeks alone my friends have been nominated for awards, courageously quit jobs to write full time, dealt with illness, wrote hundreds of thousands of words, planned book launches and taken well-deserved vacations. My children have recovered from pneumonia and knee injury in time to write for a campus paper and play lacrosse against some worthy foes. My dad and his wife Judy traveled the Cheese Trail (it's a NorCal thing) and settled into their retirement home.

As for me, I dug into a project that has me excited just like in the old days, when it was all blank pages and full speed ahead. I'm loving it so much I can't wait to get back to the computer. I'm learning Spanish and fit-bitting with friends (it's a late revelation for me that making things competitive is hugely motivating). I had to cancel my planned trip to the Edgars/Malice Domestic, but I'll be heading out for the latter part of March for book events with bookish people, and what could be nicer?

Nosotros bebemos chilaquiles verdes
To those of you for whom Spring remains a far-off dream, have faith--the rest of us will save you some daffodils and balmy mornings and that first-barbecue-of-the-season smell when you step outside on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Back in the swing, and so happy to be here.

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