Sunday, November 17, 2013

My compliments to Sherman: no more "By the Book" haters

I'm a week overdue in reversing my grumpy-rampage about the gender-imbalanced cant comprising the "By the Book" column in the New York Times lately.

(For those who'd rather move ahead, check out Amy Tan in this week's column; Amy not only spreads the love, M-F-wise, but also shares my conviction that a prison might be a handy place to get some work done, and had this very wise comment on genre fiction that will appease even with the prickliest of carmudgeons like myself: "I don’t steer clear of genres. I simply haven’t steered myself toward some of them." Ha! Kudos, Amy.)

Some of my smart friends have had literary crushes on Sherman Alexie for years. Now I understand why. Read the whole delightful column, or just enjoy a few of these gems, below. Sherman mentions literally dozens of other authors, proving a generosity of spirit on a level with his own magnificent curiosity, and it's about evenly split between men and women…and genre and literary.

  • "I am a very promiscuous reader. Anytime, anywhere." 
  • "I would love to go on a first date with Dorothy Parker and get verbally eviscerated."
  • "I always have this reflexive animosity toward the new hot writers like Karen Russell or Chad Harbach, so I buy their books, read the first page and then set them aside for months. Eventually, I go back, read the books and discover, of course, that the books are great. It’s my literary pathology."

He has just made the top of my "famous writers I'd invite to dinner" list. (Oh! I just had a bunch of famous writers to dinner! Among others, Rachael Herron and Dave Madden, 1st and 3rd from L in this picture.) Sherman, if you're reading this, totally call me! We'll get something on the calendar!


Bethany H. said...

Yay! Welcome to the fan club. Or lit-crush club.

Books and Manual said...
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Anonymous said...
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