Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back from Chicago

I just returned from one of the nicest short event trips - back to my old hometown, Chicago.  I moved there with my brand new husband in 1990, and we lived near this venerable old institution in Lincoln Park:
photo courtesy of CenterStage
Later we moved to Evanston, where both of our children were born, and where we stayed until we moved to California in 1998. I got to see so many old friends this week, and catch up on the kids - babies back then - who are in college now.

A highlight of my trip was a visit to the Tuscan Market in Arlington Heights, where I spoke to a sold-out book club crowd, some of the nicest readers I've ever met.  These are book people...and they are also wine people. I held off until after my talk to let them pour me a glass, but I certainly did enjoy their brand of hospitality.

Here I am with Julie Merilatt, who runs JulzReads book blog and wrote a very nice post about the event and GARDEN OF STONES.

this is Julie's picture - i got it from her blog :)

I also spent some time with the Kaye Publicity team, culminating in the Chicago Literati event Tuesday night. I met a ton of other authors and publishing world people - and I got to see my old pal Bryan too. Jamie Freveletti took me out for chicken wings, and then she reminded me of the plans we made back when we were brand-new published writers, and how far we'd come since then. That was definitely something to celebrate.

Thanks so much to Anne and Olivia and Dana for making this week happen!

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Pat W Coffey said...

Sophie, glad to hear my hometown treated you well. Glad to hear your trip was a success.