Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Stella Day!

Labor Day is the perfect day to laze about reading a book, right? If you're searching for something new to download to your reading device, how about...
A BAD DAY FOR ROMANCE, the fifth in the Stella Hardesty mystery series. It's out today!

Many thanks to my agent and editor, Barbara Poelle and Abby Zidle, for their help with this one - we had a great time putting the gang through their paces. Especially the spicy bits! :)

There's buy buttons and an excerpt over on my web site - and here's a synopsis: 

That’s no cupid, it’s a bridesmaid with a crossbow. Stella Hardesty is a seamstress with a sideline job in vigilante justice in this entertaining ebook in the Edgar-nominated and award-winning Bad Day series.

Two days before her best friend gets married, Stella Hardesty has nothing more pressing on her mind than fitting into her fluffy pink bridesmaid gown, mixing her next cocktail, and enjoying a romantic weekend with her sometimes beau, BJ Brodersen. Just as she’s headed to the bridal shower, word comes that BJ and smokin’ hot sheriff Goat Jones have gotten into a dustup over Stella’s affections.

Before Stella can recover from this startling development, more bad news comes along. The minister’s niece, the hard-to-love pageant princess Divinity Flycock, has been arrested for the murder of her fiancé. The bride begs Stella to clear Divinity’s name so that her minister will be able to perform the nuptials. When Stella starts digging into the case, however, she uncovers a world of jealous nightclub singers, firearms dealers, and the ugly underbelly of reality TV. Hot on the trail of the truth, she’s distracted by the arrival of the sheriff, who finally seems ready to make a claim for her affections.

I love this cover so much! (Thanks to the arty folks at Pocket Star!) In fact, I'm going to hang it on my dining room wall. Here's my son, who's enjoying his last few days of freedom before heading back to college by snoozing on the couch. I tried to wake him up to pose with the picture, and as you can see, he got about halfway there before falling back asleep. 


jolene navarro said...

The cover completely hooked me.

Maria said...

Looking forward to this one!! gotta go get it now<<<

Joe Oates said...

Looking forward to your newest work! Keep 'em coming!!

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Congrats... lovely cover!!
PS... I've worked at a University... trust me, the snoozing on a couch continues there!!!