Monday, July 22, 2013

RWA National Went By in a Blur

Back from RWA and digging into my huge to-do list but I did want to share a few pictures, because I actually remembered to take them this time! I don't have time to make Blogger behave so I'm sorry about the stupid formatting. Wish you'd all been there :)

Only fitting to start with my agency party! Here are few gals represented by the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, digging into what is known at Trader Vic's as a "Rum Keg." I say with much admiration that *three* of these were ordered and dispatched.

Carrie Lofty and I have signed next to each other so many times (because we're "L"s), and it's been such a pleasure to see her career take off. Here she is at the Pocket signing.  

My beloved editor Abby Zidle on the right with agency pal Jenna Black to the far left.
As I'm sure you have heard, Kristan Higgans' keynote brought down the house. I *love* her. 

Agent Miriam Kriss with her pal Mr. Tiki. 

 A shot of the hordes arriving for the Simon&Schuster/Pocket signing...

OK this one takes a little explaining. Outside of my 8th floor window was this...thing. A claw. A *severed* claw, tagged for posterity. At almost 5" long, I'd love to see the other guy...pterodactyl? Quetzlcotl? 
All the inimitable awesomeness that is the best RWA chapter in the world, San Francisco! With Tina Folsom, Carolyn Jewel, Kristin Miller, and Rachael Herron
New S&S friend Shoshanna Evers at her signing. This woman has range, people. 
The Pocket dinner, in a candlelit underground with secret doors. I included this one because doesn't Karin Tabke look beautiful here? She's one of my mentors from way back.

And to end on a professional note, here is Barbara Vey (friend to all writers and PW columnist), along with Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches and also Gwen and Sarah Reyes from Fresh Fiction. I learned so much from the women of our community this week - thanks to all of you!

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Barbara Sissel said...

I love that you shared pix, Sophie. I wish I had been there. It looks like such fun!