Monday, July 15, 2013

Rowling blurb...Don't forget to be awesome...and back from Thrillerfest

If there was ever any doubt that my brother is awesome, here's more proof. He took time out from writing FULL RATCHET to blurb a fellow author, a guy who had nothing to recommend him but a good book and a pocket full of dreams.

Mike remembers what it's like to be the new guy with no contacts and no game, so he read the book, liked it a lot, and kindly called it "a riveting read from an author to watch."

Well, then it turned out that the author was secretly kinda famous.

Ha ha ha. This tickles me no end. The corollary to my Rule #1 (Don't be a dick) is this one, which one of my daughter's friends has tattooed on her ankle: Don't forget to be awesome.

Okay, while you're mulling that over, here are a few photos from Thrillerfest. There would be more but I was mostly having too much fun to remember to take pictures.

Thrillerfest begins, for me, at a rooftop lounge with a few of my favorite women...

Author Jamie Freveletti and our agent, Barbara Poelle

Authors Lissa Price and CJ Lyons

 It wouldn't be Thrillerfest without an unexpected fan-girl-crush moment!

with amazing, elegant, delightful Gayle Lynds

CJ Lyons won the Thriller Award! Everyone was so excited.... one, of course, more than our agent Barbara

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Laura Benedict said...

How funny! Mike is awesome sauce.

And, yay, CJ! You guys look terrific, as always. xo