Monday, July 29, 2013

Read my first Joe Bashir novel - for free!

Exciting news - Pocket has made my first novel in the Joe Bashir crime series, BLOOD BOND, available to read for free this week!

Click here, and check out everything that's new on the XOXO After Dark site.

Here's a bit more about BLOOD BOND:

A fatal hazing accident thirteen years ago comes back to haunt the families involved in this first full-length novel featuring fan favorite detective Joe Bashir.

Sexy Pakistani-American Detective Joe Bashir is called to a crime scene in the wealthy foothills of California, where politically ambitious Bryce Engler’s dinner party is ruined when a guest’s body is found in a pool of blood. Two days later, Engler’s beautiful wife Gail lies dead at the foot of a cliff on nearby Mount Diablo.

When Joe turns to Gail’s sister Marva for insight into the family history, he discovers that thirteen years earlier, Gail was responsible for the hazing death of a fellow co-ed. Her then-boyfriend engineered a cover-up that deflected blame onto another girl. As Joe searches out everyone who might still hold a murderous grudge, he realizes there was more to the Engler marriage than meets the eye….

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Rashda Khan said...

Checking it out, since it's always nice to find a desi character in a good book :)