Wednesday, July 31, 2013


October 28 marks the release of the second Joe Bashir crime novel, SHATTERED BOND. It will be available for all e-readers from Pocket Star.

Here's a bit about the story:

Detective Joe Bashir enters the glittering world of San Francisco society…and what he discovers will shatter three families.

The discovery of a murdered teenager disrupts a fundraiser given by Napa Valley vintner Hale Francesci at the Montair Country Club. While Hale and his wife entertained their guests, their seventeen-year-old daughter Courtney was the last person to see her best friend Ashley Cole alive in a nearby strip mall parking lot.

When Detective Joe Bashir begins interviewing Ashley’s friends, neighbors, and teachers, suspicion splinters in every direction. Courtney hints of an affair with an older man; rumors fly of a missing sex tape; and Joe discovers troubling details about Ashley’s relationships with her addict mother and absentee father. Meanwhile, the Francescis threaten to disrupt the investigation, and Joe struggles to navigate the waters of their elite circle all while fielding his mother’s attempts to fix him up with a nice Pakistani girl. Will he bring a killer to justice, and peace to Courtney at last?


Robert K. Lewis said...

Oh HELL yeah! That's a great cover, Soph!! NICEEEEE!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sophie, we can't wait for your next Joe Bashir novel!

JLH said...

Really looking forward to more of those cheeky local references. Loved the first book!