Wednesday, July 31, 2013


October 28 marks the release of the second Joe Bashir crime novel, SHATTERED BOND. It will be available for all e-readers from Pocket Star.

Here's a bit about the story:

Detective Joe Bashir enters the glittering world of San Francisco society…and what he discovers will shatter three families.

The discovery of a murdered teenager disrupts a fundraiser given by Napa Valley vintner Hale Francesci at the Montair Country Club. While Hale and his wife entertained their guests, their seventeen-year-old daughter Courtney was the last person to see her best friend Ashley Cole alive in a nearby strip mall parking lot.

When Detective Joe Bashir begins interviewing Ashley’s friends, neighbors, and teachers, suspicion splinters in every direction. Courtney hints of an affair with an older man; rumors fly of a missing sex tape; and Joe discovers troubling details about Ashley’s relationships with her addict mother and absentee father. Meanwhile, the Francescis threaten to disrupt the investigation, and Joe struggles to navigate the waters of their elite circle all while fielding his mother’s attempts to fix him up with a nice Pakistani girl. Will he bring a killer to justice, and peace to Courtney at last?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Read my first Joe Bashir novel - for free!

Exciting news - Pocket has made my first novel in the Joe Bashir crime series, BLOOD BOND, available to read for free this week!

Click here, and check out everything that's new on the XOXO After Dark site.

Here's a bit more about BLOOD BOND:

A fatal hazing accident thirteen years ago comes back to haunt the families involved in this first full-length novel featuring fan favorite detective Joe Bashir.

Sexy Pakistani-American Detective Joe Bashir is called to a crime scene in the wealthy foothills of California, where politically ambitious Bryce Engler’s dinner party is ruined when a guest’s body is found in a pool of blood. Two days later, Engler’s beautiful wife Gail lies dead at the foot of a cliff on nearby Mount Diablo.

When Joe turns to Gail’s sister Marva for insight into the family history, he discovers that thirteen years earlier, Gail was responsible for the hazing death of a fellow co-ed. Her then-boyfriend engineered a cover-up that deflected blame onto another girl. As Joe searches out everyone who might still hold a murderous grudge, he realizes there was more to the Engler marriage than meets the eye….

Please Vote! Book Giveaway to CA High Schools

Hey all, Marshall Zeringue, blogger and supporter of readers and authors everywhere, has put together a book giveaway raffle for California High Schools. This is part of his Campaign for the California Reader.

I've nominated schools from both my old and new lives, but feel free to vote for any of the schools on your list. (Well, actually, if you're not sure who to vote for, maybe pick Oakland Tech.)

It's a simple single click - no long forms to fill out - and some school will get a boost to their library for the upcoming year. Thanks all!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Seriously, Guys...Don't You Know Any Women?

I've noticed a disturbing trend in the NYT Book Review. No, not this one, though I'm very glad the VIDA people are on it, but yet another instance of demoralizing gender bias in our ranks.

I enjoy reading the "By the Book" author interview column every week. I appreciate the glimpse into the minds of a variety of authors and I think they do a pretty good job of inviting diverse voices.

The authors are asked to name favorite reads and authors in a variety of questions ("Who's your favorite poet", "What book have you always meant to read", etc.). Far too often, the ratio of men to women is so lopsided as to be embarrassing. Now, I'll admit that my own list might be skewed slightly male. I don't know what the ratio would be - maybe 60-40? 55-45? But it's when the equation starts heading toward 90-10 that I'd question the author's reading list. Because I think it represents carelessness or bias in selection rather than quality.

I don't mean to pick on Kevin Powers, but of the fifteen authors he mentions in last week's column, there were exactly...ZERO women.

I can feel my pulse racing a little just thinking about it. Seriously, Kevin?

Everyone: if you have a vagina or care about anyone who does, think carefully about who wrote all the books piled on your nightstand or loaded on your e-reader. If you've neglected half the authors working today, maybe fix that.

Monday, July 22, 2013

RWA National Went By in a Blur

Back from RWA and digging into my huge to-do list but I did want to share a few pictures, because I actually remembered to take them this time! I don't have time to make Blogger behave so I'm sorry about the stupid formatting. Wish you'd all been there :)

Only fitting to start with my agency party! Here are few gals represented by the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, digging into what is known at Trader Vic's as a "Rum Keg." I say with much admiration that *three* of these were ordered and dispatched.

Carrie Lofty and I have signed next to each other so many times (because we're "L"s), and it's been such a pleasure to see her career take off. Here she is at the Pocket signing.  

My beloved editor Abby Zidle on the right with agency pal Jenna Black to the far left.
As I'm sure you have heard, Kristan Higgans' keynote brought down the house. I *love* her. 

Agent Miriam Kriss with her pal Mr. Tiki. 

 A shot of the hordes arriving for the Simon&Schuster/Pocket signing...

OK this one takes a little explaining. Outside of my 8th floor window was this...thing. A claw. A *severed* claw, tagged for posterity. At almost 5" long, I'd love to see the other guy...pterodactyl? Quetzlcotl? 
All the inimitable awesomeness that is the best RWA chapter in the world, San Francisco! With Tina Folsom, Carolyn Jewel, Kristin Miller, and Rachael Herron
New S&S friend Shoshanna Evers at her signing. This woman has range, people. 
The Pocket dinner, in a candlelit underground with secret doors. I included this one because doesn't Karin Tabke look beautiful here? She's one of my mentors from way back.

And to end on a professional note, here is Barbara Vey (friend to all writers and PW columnist), along with Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches and also Gwen and Sarah Reyes from Fresh Fiction. I learned so much from the women of our community this week - thanks to all of you!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rowling blurb...Don't forget to be awesome...and back from Thrillerfest

If there was ever any doubt that my brother is awesome, here's more proof. He took time out from writing FULL RATCHET to blurb a fellow author, a guy who had nothing to recommend him but a good book and a pocket full of dreams.

Mike remembers what it's like to be the new guy with no contacts and no game, so he read the book, liked it a lot, and kindly called it "a riveting read from an author to watch."

Well, then it turned out that the author was secretly kinda famous.

Ha ha ha. This tickles me no end. The corollary to my Rule #1 (Don't be a dick) is this one, which one of my daughter's friends has tattooed on her ankle: Don't forget to be awesome.

Okay, while you're mulling that over, here are a few photos from Thrillerfest. There would be more but I was mostly having too much fun to remember to take pictures.

Thrillerfest begins, for me, at a rooftop lounge with a few of my favorite women...

Author Jamie Freveletti and our agent, Barbara Poelle

Authors Lissa Price and CJ Lyons

 It wouldn't be Thrillerfest without an unexpected fan-girl-crush moment!

with amazing, elegant, delightful Gayle Lynds

CJ Lyons won the Thriller Award! Everyone was so excited.... one, of course, more than our agent Barbara

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's a very proud day for my family. My brother's new novel, FULL RATCHET, has been released! I read it in draft form, and I got one of the early ARCs so you can believe me when I tell you it's fantastic. My sister and I guarantee it. :)

And if you don't believe us, here's a few more folks weighing in:

"Over the top ... wild."-- The Wall Street Journal
"Action-packed and thrilling."-- Associated Press
"A no-holds-barred thriller."-- Boston Globe

Read more about Mike at his web site.

Here's an interview between me and my brother that ran on the Mulholland website a while back. Oh, and if you happen to be going to Thrillerfest, you can catch the two of us on the same panel! It's on Saturday at 1:00pm.

Tell you what, when the Big Guy was sorting out siblings, I got very lucky.