Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Essential Zombie Fiction Reading List

Sooooo....guess whose postapocalyptic novel tops Barnes & Noble's zombie reading list? :)

More than anything, this was a reminder that I am lucky to have that rarest of blessings - a critic who truly seems to "get" me. Big cyberhugs to Paul Goat Allen, who has been a friend to me on this entire journey.

Paul predicts a "glorious summer of the Undead," given the smash hit WWZ now in theaters. My sister and I are making a popcorn date for Friday - can't wait!

And a big high-five to all my fellow zom-authors. We're an odd little club, and I don't get to hobnob with them the way I'd like to - I've yet to gather up sufficient courage to attend ZomCon, much less ComiCon - but I'm very very proud to be among the ranks.

By the way, i've got a few copies of the mass market reissue lying around here; reviewers and blogger, just let me know if you'd like one sent your way.

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Kaylee Votano said...

I love the fact that Paul Goat Allen said the Aftertime series was like "The Stand in a bra and panties." It's spot on and I love the books!!