Monday, May 13, 2013

Where Are All the Grown-Ass Actors?

My daughter is at a midnight screening of Gatsby tonight with her AP English class. It was pretty cute - they dressed up in 20s flapper gear for the event.

That darn movie's getting a ton of attention. I've seen the trailer a few times, and I might be more enthusiastic about it if they hadn't cast the two most pre-pubescent looking actors in the business. Toby Maguire may be 37, and Leonardo - unbelievably - clocks in at 38, but they look like they should be cast for a Leave It To Beaver remake, only neither of them has the gravitas to be Wally.

I'll admit it: I like to see a beguiling actor or two when I go to the show. A man one could, so to speak, sink one's teeth into. And it's not about the age, really (though I'm always happy to ogle a mature actor).  I'm just weary of all the fresh-faced, barely-post-pubescent-looking fellows.

There was a great quote in the NYT summer movie preview a while back. In a review of "Hard Times," the writer says that Charles Bronson "looked as if he emerged from the womb needing a cup of coffee." I *love* that line - and the man he describes. He would have made a hell of a Gatsby.


Robert K. Lewis said...

I feel the same way, Sophie. I've been asked a couple times, "Who would you want to see play Mallen if your book was made into a TV show or movie?"

I never name anyone under 35, lol. I actually couldn't even TELL you the names of actors who are in their 20's!

Mysti said...

Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Robert Downey Jr. (all that brat pack stuff has fallen right off!), Denzel Washington, Gerard Butler, George Clooney, Patrick Demsey, JOHN CUSACK, Hank Azaria, Jesse L. Martin, Mark Maron, Lou Diamond Philips, Jeremy Sisto, Chris Messina, Javier Bardem,

JOHN CUSACK. JOHN. CUSACK. Perfect transition from boyish to "oh I'm dizzy." IMHO, of course.

Mysti said...

Mark Maron would make an hysterically funny Goat. Seriously. think about it!

Brenda Buchanan said...

Neither of them has the gravitas to be Wally - Ha! I plan to steal that line . . .

Anonymous said...

Hard Times!!

Love that film.