Monday, April 1, 2013

Ritual Beheading...and Zombie Love!

Glad to report the ritual beheading of the lamb cake went off without a hitch yesterday. Had a motley crew of Easter celebrators over, but we paused for this family portrait with my sis and kids:

The lamb cake was decorated by the kids and their friends. It was given a couple of prison tats, including a bloody teardrop signifying a first kill, which would have probably startled my Polish ancestors.

(Wish you could have been here, Dad & Judy.)

In book world news, that Paul Goat Allen's being all awesome again over on the Barnes&Noble blog. In honor of the kickoff of the new season of Walking Dead, he rounds up his favorite zombie sagas. And - Yay! - yet again, I made the list!  It's hard to overstate how much I love that guy - but here's a post in which I tried.

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