Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Love Today

I started today responsibly enough - I hauled myself into the shop for an annual checkup. Yuck, right? Luckily, I have a great doctor who's known me long enough that we can go through the whole fewer-potato-chips-more-kale conversation pretty quickly.

Then it was time to buy my deal present. One of the first lessons I learned from my agent was that that we should buy ourselves presents to celebrate major accomplishments. Turns out she and I were on the same wavelength with this latest deal - shoes! She thinks mine are too boring, but it was a real luxury to pay full price at Forward Motion where they fondle your feet assess your gait and help you select exactly the right shoe.

(Oh! And for my running geek friends - I bought a few pairs of these Balega Hidden Comfort socks. I've been a Thorlo fan *forever* but I was sick and tired of how matronly they made me look. The fondler salesman swore these wouldn't slip down. We'll see.)

Then it was time to head over to Rachael's for lunch. I should have known something was up when she said she needed a ride to Plot Lunch, but I've had a few things on my mind. It didn't even register that Julie's car was parked right in *front of her house*. (Yes. That is how absent minded I am these days.) Guess what? They were throwing me a Surprise!/Yay for Book Deals/Isn't Life Amazing party! There was champagne, laughing, crying, Julie's bean dip and Rachael's chicken tortilla soup, and even the dogs and cats joined in.

I'm not much of a photographer but I *am* proud of these portraits...

There were also presents: the rose you can see a glimpse of above, in a bottle hand-decorated with yarn (thanks Mary!) and a bottle of blue hair dye.  :)

A couple other wonderful things happened today too. But I can't talk about them yet. All I can say is that persistence is awesome and I'm pretty damn lucky to have a number of folks who never gave up on me :)


Carolyn Jewel said...

Yay, you!!!! Congrats on the good news.

Linda Rodriguez said...

On a day with so much sad news, it's lovely to read about all this goodness, Sophie. Yay, you!

Barbara Sissel said...

Yay, you, Sophie! So proud and thrilled for you. Whatever the new fab news is, you've earned it!

Reina M. Williams said...

Congrats on your good news! :)