Monday, March 4, 2013

Officially launched!

Last week I had two launch events to send GARDEN OF STONES out into the world. I always get nervous before public appearances, and I'm always convinced that I babble awkwardly, but I've figured out a cure for both: I invite friends and family who can be counted on to tell me I'm brilliant. Oh - and wine. Lots of wine, and snacks, and cheerful bartenders!

At Rakestraw, the bookstore in my old home town, I got to see lots of old friends and neighbors, including the woman I taught catechism with when our kids were little, and another woman whose daughter was in my daughter's preschool class. That's going back quite a ways, and I was really touched that they came. I also met some new readers, including Kay, pictured below, who put together this photo montage:

Yesterday, I did my first-ever event at Diesel in Oakland (my *new* home town!) Our old friend Pam Stirling, who used to work at the now-closed M Is For Mystery, made us feel very welcome. Julie introduced me, Rachael tended bar, my sister and son were there, lots of friends - new and old - stopped by, and there were actual real readers who came simply because they were interested in the book. (Pinch me! This last group still seems like a miracle to me.)  Oh, and I went WAYYY our of my comfort zone and wore a dress that had pattern. And color.

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