Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half!!

Recently I was on a panel speaking to an audience of aspiring writers, and the question came up of whether agents are still necessary or even "relevant." I suppressed a giggle. My colleagues and I listed all the ways an agent can save your bacon on a daily basis, often earning her keep many times over in the span of a single phone call - the call that gets things done, things that we as authors generally have no aptitude for and no business undertaking, much as we really oughtn't drill our own teeth.

But I got lucky. Five years ago, when I signed with Barbara Poelle, I didn't just get a firecracker in a nice pair of shoes. I got a trusted advisor, a big dreamer, a fearless truth-teller, a ballbuster, a renegade, and the perfect person to celebrate triumphs and crush defeat. In five short years the Littlefield-Poelle team has published a dozen books, with another four coming out in the next year. We've won awards and exceeded expectations and turned "no" into "hell yeah" - and we've barely begun.

Here's to the next five, B!

in the office 
last year at the Edgars 
in Berkeley 
with Holly Root 

with Jamie Freveletti on the night of her Thriller win 
RWA National several years ago 
with Robert Lewis


Tez Miller said...

How do you pronounce her surname?

Sophie Littlefield said...

good question - it's POE-ELL :)

Barbara Sissel said...

I am late to chime in, but I love this post, Sophie. Barbara really is more than a firecracker in a nice pair of shoes! Haha! I've only been a Poellite for a bit over a year and I wouldn't know where to begin to put in words the immense appreciation I have conceived for her expertise. But you said it all in words and pictures. I got lucky, too, and then she introduced me to you and I am so grateful for you both!!