Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back from the East!

Did you miss me? I've been away at the AWP conference in Boston, where I was on a panel moderated by my former editor Toni Plummer from Minotaur. Toni had the brilliant idea to bring a bunch of us women crime writers together to discuss how and why we write woman-centric crime and mystery and urban fantasy fiction. We had a BLAST.

But the first day of the conference brought a special thrill: seeing Meg Wolitzer speak. I didn't get a very good picture, but oh well, I had to share it anyway, because Meg is the brilliant voice behind the must-read NYT piece from last year that raised a hell of a lot of hackles over a subject that shouldn't be controversial at all anymore, which I'd summarize as "hey publishing community, stop treating women as second-class citizens."  Oh, you missed it? Go here immediately!

During the conference I was lucky to stay with my brother Mike Cooper, his wife and kids. I also zipped around with Nicole as much as possible. Who wouldn't, given the opportunity?
that's my SIL Lisa, who made the beautiful poncho (so cozy!)

snow! lovely, lovely snow, seen from convention center
minx-like Dr. Peeler, me, and Linda Rodriguez at our panel

After AWP, I took a bus to New York City for a whirlwind day of meetings with the wonderful people I work with from afar: my agent Barbara Poelle, Erika Imranyi, who edits my Mira books (we were celebrating the release of GARDEN OF STONES!) and the dynamic duo of Abby Zidle, my editor at Pocket (for the Joe Bashir and Stella series) and her colleague Adam Wilson who was my editor for the AFTERTIME series. I was even able to  squeeze in coffee with Krista Vitola, my editor for my young adult novels at Delacorte.

Let's see; what highlights of the day are safe to share? Well, for one thing I was very well fed (and, uh, watered.) At lunch, *somebody* (not me!) made a number of rather off-color comments which got the rest of us howling with laughter - uh, at least those of us who weren't pregnant (again, not me!) and a little delicate, digestively speaking. And then at this beautiful restaurant where we had a lovely, light libation (or two or three or I lost count) I dragged Abby into this photo. I swear it looks like I'm about to topple from my chair. Who knows? Maybe I did. Even so - and even with the very, very, VERY long travel day on my return home (many flight segments! a wrong bus taken! no proper change for the shuttle!) this was one of the nicest trips in recent memory. 

me and Abby Zidle, editor at Pocket/Simon&Schuster
Thank you to Jimin Han for permission to share the photo of me, Nicole, and Linda!

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