Thursday, February 14, 2013

brand-spankin-new re-iussue of AFTERTIME!

A much-anticipated box arrived yesterday from the nice folks at the Harlequin Distribution Center (hi Jessica!!!) - the mass market re-issue of AFTERTIME, which is going on sale on March 26.

This cover is so damn gorgeous - you really have to see it in person, the orange and turquoise really just pop off the cover. The only thing that would have made it better is if Idris Elba carried the box up the stairs...perhaps if he was wearing a UPS uniform that was just a little too snug around the biceps...(Barbara, you're still working on that, right?)

Anyway, not to be crude or anything (although I suppose that ship may have already sailed, despite the fact it's not even 7am here on the west coast) but now that it's in mass market, this book's a bargain. Pre-order here to get your very own :)

Still Life, with Hyacinth - couldn't resist :)

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