Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Windfall!

In a week or so I'm going to get down to brass tacks (I love that expression, something my mother used to say), in advance of the release of GARDEN OF STONES. I've written some posts about various aspects of Japanese internment and the evolution of the book, that I am excited to share with you.

For now, though, I'm still feeling a little punch-drunk and silly from an intense revision bender, so don't expect a whole lot of wisdom from this corner.

It's royalty season (not as in pregnant princesses, but book royalties!) and I received a plumper check than I expected from one of my publishers. Hurray and thank you!

It is common knowledge that one must spend a little of any unexpected windfall on frippery for oneself and one's loved ones. So:

For me, the latest beauty miracle product from Sephora, where i played with all the makeup samples and sprayed myself with three kinds of perfume.

For Dog, a new li'l buddy.

...and for my sweet son, the kind of crap I usually refuse to buy.

How about you guys? Dying to know what you did with your latest windfall!


This Blonde's Life said...

I just found out I am getting a tax refund when I truly thought I would owe this year! I am not sure what I will do yet but it's tons of fun just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

Just learned I'm getting a bonus tomorrow. Treating myself to a 2-3-day writing retreat at a nice B&B somewhere, sans laptop.

Carol W said...

my refund came in last Sat. I bought me Bras, nightgowns, a Lazy boy recliner and took my wonderful boyfriend out to dinner because he's pretty :) the rest went for bills!!

Sophie Littlefield said...

tax refunds! bonuses! awesome news, ladies. enjoy! i must say, a la-z-boy sounds awful sweet.

Daisy said...

Shoes (obviously). On occasion, I have spent the same windfall three or four times.