Thursday, December 6, 2012

BLOOD BOND - $1.99 for a few more days

Yikes! Just got word that the promotional price on BLOOD BOND will be expiring in less than two weeks. For now, you can get it for $1.99 at all the usual locations (links available at my web site).

Here's a sample of reader comments so far:

“A finely-crafted, character-driven novel that should appeal to a wide range of readers.” – Badass Book Reviews

“I was wondering how a white female author would be able to portray a male Pakistani detective and I am glad to say that she does an amazing job! Brilliant plotting keeps the story moving forward at the perfect pace.” – Mysteries Etc.

“Joe Bashir is relatable and likeable. And he’s hot. Give Blood Bond a go, and find a new character to love.” – Tez Says

....and you can read an interview where I discuss the book here, at BOLO Books.

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Tez Miller said...

Glad you found something quotable in my review :-) Very much looking forward to the next Joe adventure.