Monday, November 26, 2012

Back from the East

Last week, I went out East with Junior to look at colleges. She'll be graduating from high school in the spring, then catapulting herself headlong into the future, hungry for adventure. She's more than ready - I, as you might imagine, am not.

This storefront in Philadelphia pretty much represents what I want in a school for my child. Sorry about the picture quality - but the sign reads "Precious babies Learning Academy - WELCOME TO OUR SCHOOL!!" I wish you could see their logo: it's a kindly octopus holding eight swaddled babies in its eight arms, looking down on them fondly while they snooze.

That is what I want for my own precious baby: to be coddled somewhere safe. Naturally, it's the last thing she wants, so off we went to look at alternatives up and down the east coast.

We did manage to squeeze in some sightseeing on the way. This one's for you, Gigi - a pug-dog gargoyle? - near the Columbia campus.

 In DC, we hit the constitution museum...

...where we chatted with the framers at this sort of bronzed cocktail party exhibit.

That's my girl!!  (You'll be voting for her in a few years, just FYI :)

Visiting the world war II memorial had special significance to me this time because of all the research I did for GARDEN OF STONES. 

I was so happy to see lots of East coast relatives. Somehow, in between the non-stop talking and maybe a glass or two of wine, I forgot to get a picture of my cousins Maureen and Bryan. But here I am with my cousins Kaili and Praveen, who have the best guest room ever.

Junior in a cousin sandwich :)

Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's house!

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Barbara Sissel said...

Loved this post, Sophie. I've been on a similar tour with my "junior". Now he's a man. A real live MAN!! Oh those days ... gone too soon....