Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Oh dear, I seem to have lost a week there. I feel like that happens whenever I go off to Bouchercon. I return just entirely good for nothing.

Dog pix are so utterly gratuitous, but who can resist?
But I haven't been completely idle. I'm revising the hell out of a book, for one thing. Also, I *installed a light fixture.*  This might not sound like much to all you handy types (looking at you, K-kins and Julie and that amazing woman at Bouchercon who built a house from scratch with her four kids) - but for me, this was a HUGE accomplishment. For one thing, I had to spend an entire day worrying about electrocuting myself. I talked to a bemused Lowes man about it at length, to be honest. 

After that, I felt I'd earned a night out with the twisted H. sisters. There were TACOS FROM THE BEST TRUCK EVER. They let you bring them IN THE BAR. Seriously? There can be no better evening than that. Keep your La Grenouille, your La Folie....I'll take La Baggy's any old day.

Well, after that, things got a little vague. *Somebody* turned fifty so we *had* to party zombie style. Or something. I'm not sure what we were doing here.

Oh - and this happened. :) Probably I'll wear them to Educator's Night at Copperfields this Thursday. They'll make me look smart, don't you think?

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Terry Shames said...

You did better than me. I immediately left for Austin, Texas--but I did go to Mark Pryor's launch party there, for his debut novel THE BOOKSELLER. He's one of my Seventh Street Books fellow authors. I also went to the Austin City Limits rock festival (never too old to rock) and took my sister's grandbaby to the San Antonio zoo.

Now I promise today I'm going to start editing. Right after I go to the grocery store.