Monday, October 1, 2012

stAy, A's

I know I'm the worst kind of fan, a jane-come-lately who doesn't know a thing about the game, but I had the best time yesterday at the A's game against the Mariners! I had lived in Oakland for about thirteen minutes before I realized I was home like no other place has ever felt like home before, and I mean to make it mine.

So I suddenly kind of care a lot that our team doesn't go elsewhere. As you can see, we are a pathetic lot who didn't even bother to wear team colors (except for Ty), but I'm on it - green and gold for everyone, including Grampa and Gramma.

These folks know what they're doing - and the bleachers were absolutely the best seat in the house.

A little A's history and a plea - read more here and buy the T-shirt:

Oakland has a proud history of professional baseball going back to the 19th century. Teams like the Live Oaks, Colonels, Larks, and the Black Colored Giants established a tradition of baseball in the east bay since before our grandparents were born. This great inheritance is under threat however, as it has been many times before. The Athletics, who first won the hearts of Oakland with their string of 3 World Series championships starting in 1972, are threatening to leave town for somewhere with better demographics and a bigger appetite for luxury condos. Luckily, fan organizations like BaseballOakland and Let's Go Oakland! are working to make the A's stay. At the moment though, it's impossible to know the outcome, with so many moving pieces and heavy hitters involved. The best way to avoid the fate of Montreal, is to show your love for the A's, and your desire for them to stAy.

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