Thursday, August 9, 2012

RWA National Snapshot

Oops - I think I lost a week there somehow. I vaguely remember coming back from Anaheim, but I had Nicole Peeler in the car, which gives everything a sort of surreal slant. After a couple days' shenanigans with Dr. P, I think I finished a book. Yeah, that's right. And then...suddenly it was today.

Anyway, I have a few pictures from the conference. Unfortunately I'm wearing the same frightening polka dot dress in most of them. I don't know what possessed me to buy that thing. I like clothes I can hide in. I felt like those damn dots were wearing me around.

Other than my usual sartorial blunders, I had a great time. Who wouldn't, with Juliet Blackwell for a roommate and Martha Flynn and Rachael Herron and LGC Smith and Nicole to hang out with? I did have a mortifying episode in the company of the awesome Heather Osborn, but it seems I'm forgiven, so all's well.

A highlight for me was spending time with Irene Goodman Literary's newest agent, Rachel Ekstrom, who is in charge of keeping the globe spinning while Barbara's on maternity leave. Rachel's pretty wonderful.

I also had a smashing time with my Harlequin gang, including a chance to catch up with JT Ellison - there's a picture from our dinner below - and also at the Pocket dinner, my first social event with that bunch. My, they're fancy!  Good thing I remembered to tuck my bib into my shirt, just kidding. I was seated next to my old MurderSheWrites friend Laura Griffin on one side, and  Carrie Lofty and Cherry Adair were across the table and my dear old editor Adam Wilson was close enough that i could have popped him in the eye with an ice cube if I'd wanted. Mostly I talked Laura's ear off; she's one special person.

with Jennifer Haymore:

My roomie Juliet, with a friend we made last year in Colorado, SMP editor Holly Blanck

At the literacy signing event with Beth Kery

I always love catching up with Heather Graham

my other literacy signing neighbor, LoveInspired author Teri Wilson

Yup it's Rachel Ekstrom!

Before the workshop Juliet and I gave. Hard to be nervous with all your best pals in the front rows!

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