Thursday, August 2, 2012

Props to Pals; Book That Caught My Eye

Haven't read the new issue of RTBookReviews yet?

In that case, you may have missed the awesome 4-star reviews garnered by a couple of my dear friends, Gigi Pandian and Cecilia Gray.

Also, browsing through the latest PW I came across a few books I'd love to read, books that I think represent the breadth of subject matter possible under the umbrella of commercial fiction.

I've become exhaused and, frankly, bored by the relentless chorus from the naysayer gallery that "Traditional publishers won't take a chance on anything that hasn't been done before." Tell you what, y'all, maybe take a break from the vitriol and open a book, eh?  Try one of these, none of which tread a familiar path, and all of which come from a single issue of PW:

SAN MIGUEL by T.C. Boyle

LOVE BOMB by Lisa Zeidner

THE FORGIVEN by Lawrence Osborne

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