Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cover Juju & Moving Sale - er, Giveaway!

You guys! I just found out that Harlequin is going to reveal my new cover on Monday. GARDEN OF STONES is a new direction for me, a book that was shaped by many hands and nurtured, pummeled, coaxed and cursed into existence over the last year. I *love* this book. It love all my books, of course, but this one feels like a journey that we all undertook bravely, and now that the publication date is approaching, I'm getting pretty excited about it.

And the cover is nothing short of breathtaking. The art department at Mira has pulled off some real stunners in the past - covers which set trends you see being echoed everywhere. I always say that I have book cover juju, and it's true - I've never had a bad cover - but this one is nothing short of extraordinary.

I was trying to think of some fancy giveaway around the reveal, but I'm a little short of clever (and time - I'm getting ready to move!) these days, so let's do it this way. Any reviewers out there who've been interested in the AFTERTIME series, please drop me a line (and I don't mean just big fancy ones, either; I love people who love books, period, and I've been proud to be reviewed on some small but zesty blogs) and I'll see if I can get you a copy. Or if you've reviewed me and want a copy to give away - that works too. I don't want to move all these books if I don't have to. I also have a few copies of BANISHED and A BAD DAY FOR MERCY. Email me at  If you want to give me an RT or something, I'd appreciate it.

Here are a few recent MIRA covers that I think reflect the talent of that art team:

speaking of contests, i never got back to you on the shoes - it was, in order, Margaret, Pam, me and Valerie. HinaBeena, if you see this, email me because I want to send you a book!


Anonymous said...

Oh, count me in. Congrats! Love the covers. One Breathe Away hooked me with the title and the cover is beautiful. Love your "bad day" series. Good luck with the move.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Sophie Littlefield said...

thanks to everyone who emailed me and expressed interest - i'm taking a bunch of packages to the PO later in the week!

Kathy Fletcher said...

i would LOVE to review all your aftertime series- i am a book addict in the worst way. I have read all the excepts...and i am eager to read the whole even if i am not lucky enough to be a "reviewer" i
am buying them!@!@ Thanks for your
wonderful books and keep up the
GREAT work......
Kathy in Kentucky here- praising your words...haha