Sunday, July 22, 2012


How fun: I just found this -

I just get all excited about these italian covers. La Rinascita apparently means "Rebirth," which kinda makes sense, 'cause that's what the book was called in the US. But I'm not really sure what "Tomorrow" means in Italian.

Anyway, it's coming out next month, so I'll have a cannoli or something to celebrate.

Meanwhile, I have been given a sneak preview of my AFTERTIME mass market series covers, but I forgot to ask if I can show them to you yet. But I'm having dinner with my Harlequin gang next week at RWA, so maybe I'll find out!

Speaking of which....any of y'all coming to RWA National? Juliet and I would love it if you come to our workshop!  It's at 10:00 Saturday morning, and it's called "Slaying Your Inner Slacker." I promise we'll have a blast!

From the program:

Slaying Your Inner Slacker (WRITER’S LIFE)
Speakers: Juliet Blackwell and Sophie Littlefield
Award-winning authors discuss how you can go from frustrated to finished faster than you imagined.

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ChelseaW said...

Love the title translation!