Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thrillerfest Shoe Contest

I'll have my full report from Thrillerfest 2012 up tomorrow, but for now, it's time for the Second Annual Thrillerfest Shoe Contest, in which you get to match the shoe to the owner. This year, I've chosen several women from Harlequin Mira for my contest.

This year is both easier and harder than last year: easier, because there are fewer entrants, and harder because the Ladies of Mira are a rather swish bunch so you may find yourself dazzled by the sheer audacity of these shoe choices.

In keeping with the theme, the prize is your choice of any of my Harlequin books, which include AFTERTIME, REBIRTH and HORIZON. (I wish I could offer you an advance copy of GARDEN OF STONES, which will be coming out in January, but the Mira team is putting the final touches on those and they aren't yet available. But SOON!)

Anyway, in alphabetical-ish order:

Pam Callow, author of TATTOED, Mira, May 2012
Valerie Gray, Editor
Margaret Marbury, Editor

Simply match the shoe with its owner in the comments (just name them L-R). In the event of multiple correct responses, I'll choose at random. Good luck! :)


Shane said...

Cute shoes!

Rachael Herron said...

I think you are #3, because of the length of the dress (cute shoes!) and I don't know who the rest are, but #1's shoes are to DIE for.

Pop Culture Nerd said...

I love this! I KNOW you're #3--that's not even a guess.

The rest will be wild stabs: Margaret, Pam, you, Valerie.

HinaBeena said...

I am gonna try this..
just off what their personalities seem like
but left to right is Margaret, Pam, Sophie then Valerie

Sophie Littlefield said...

hey HinaBeena, if you see this, email me ok? - i want to send you a book!