Monday, July 16, 2012

Thrillerfest Report!

\What a madcap week! I arrived Tuesday in time to have lunch with Abby Zidle, my new editor at Pocket Books. She and I recently finished the edits on our first project together (BLOOD BOND, November '12) and so we were in a celebratory mood. In fact, we were so celebratory that we kept partying all the way through Thursday evening, when I monopolized her at the Irene Goodman Literary cocktail party. I just couldn't bear to let anyone else get a word in, so I cornered her by the cheese cubes and talked books for eleven hours.

Anyway, one thing that distinguished this trip is that I had one of my more perplexing hotel experiences, which is saying something a I am quite a hotel adventurer (also cheap). My hotel was booked entirely with Italians, the power didn't always work, and neither did the elevators (that twelve-floor trek was invigorating!) and I had the pleasure of sleeping in a twin bed. Yay!

Lunch with fellow authors Carla Buckley and Pam Callow.

Okay, so David Hewson is still a bit taller than me. I kept trying to convince him that what his fellow English authors need is a visit from a middle-aged Californian guest instructor. But he resisted the idea.

Yeah, yeah, there were famous guys everywhere. Here's Steve Berry with Steven James.

Yeah. I giant inflatable rat...I don't know.

How adorable is Camille Minichino? Just seeing her in the halls made me happy. And guess what's on her scarf? Tiny little periodic table elements, of course!!

Me and my brother Mike Cooper. We had lots of catching up to do, and for once we had the time to do it, which was wonderful. They even put us on the same panel!

And here is that panel: David moderated, and that's Doug Lyle, Maggie Sefton, me, A.J. Hartley, Brandt Dodson, and Mike. We talked about point of view and managed, I think, to make it interesting!

My people!  I hadn't seen Graham Brown in a long time and it was so, so good to catch up with him. And that's Barbara Poelle, our agent, squished between us. And that is Vicki Pettersson photo-bombing us. Don't let all that cool, elegant beauty fool you, she is a big goober.

Randi Morrison - Boyd's wife - was my comfort object. She was always there when I needed a little encouragment. (With Carla Buckley)

Finally, a thank you to everyone who makes Thrillerfest tick. It takes a lot of volunteers to pull off a conference like this, and they rarely get the credit they deserve. Among the many who were constantly on the job: Doug Lyle and Kim Howe, below.


Stephanie said...

The giant inflatable rats are a kind of shaming devise used by unions -- they put them up by construction/renovation sites that use non-union labor. When I first moved to New York, they TERRIFIED me. I thought they indicated massive rodent infestations.

Sophie Littlefield said...

oh wow, i had no idea!! i didn't know what to think - now you've got me thinking of a post-rodent-apocalyptic story.

Mysti said...

Hey, Publisher's Weekly Daily (do they know how that sounds?) quoted your panel! "In addition to the traditional panels featuring authors discussing subjects as varied as how to choose the best narrative voice..."

You're a star!

David Hewson said...

I did NOT resist the idea. I was merely somewhat sceptical. You should get to Crimefest in Bristol next year. That's a blast.

Pop Culture Nerd said...

Your reports are fab, Sophie, because they have lots of fun photos and commentary. I noticed how you and Mike had to be separated on the panel!