Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm in Cemetery Dance!

Horror fans know that the go-to print rag for short fiction, review and commentary is Cemetery Dance. I've been trying to get a story in there for *years*.  This month I finally did!

"Jimmy's Legacy" marked the start of my interest in healing - later, the my young adult books BANISHED and UNFORSAKEN featured a teen girl healer. I adore this story, for a number of reasons. It's far from perfect, and as I read it these several years later, I see things I  wish I could fix. But that's just an author's sign of life - if you're breathing, you're improving your craft.

Here's a fun little coincidence. I am currently reading my brother Mike Cooper's followup book to CLAWBACK. In it, Silas Cade gets to know his estranged brother. It's a charming  (if raucous and bloody) brothers' tale...and so is Jimmy's Legacy. I think it's fun that Mike and I wrote stories imagining what a relationship between adult brothers might be. Neither resembles our relationship (just to make it clear, Mike is not Calder *or* Jimmy, and I'm pretty sure I'm not Dave - although I guess you never know!)

And one more little gem, meant to inspire those among you who are seeking publication and getting discouraged by the long road. When I first submitted "Jimmy's Legacy," I had no agent or book deal. A lot can happen in a few years.

Would it amuse you to see my query letter? I know I was amused... :)

Cemetery Dance magazine

November 26, 2007

I would like to offer you a look at my story, “Jimmy’s Legacy,” which runs 6,600 words. This story made the final round for the upcoming Hardboiled Horror anthology from Notorious Press, edited by Jim Van Pelt.
In “Jimmy’s Legacy,” a young journalist named Calder goes home for his brother Jimmy’s funeral, to discover that his troubled brother picked up the gift of an odd kind of healing before he died. Calder learns that Jimmy used his gift to change the lives of several people including their cruel mother and, in the end, Calder himself.
I have written professionally for ten years, publishing articles in computing, parenting, and women’s magazines, and most recently working as a copy writer and editor for C&T Publishing. I have sold two dozen stories to True Story, True Confessions, and other magazines, and co-authored a primary-school biography (OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES JR.: THE SUPREME COURT AND AMERICAN LEGAL THOUGHT, The Rosen Publishing Group, 2005). I have completed eight novels.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my work.


Sophie Littlefield


David B. Wilson said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know this story was my introduction to your work. I often read to my wife at the end of the day, because my voice is dull and it puts her to sleep - usually in about one page. I like Cemetery Dance just fine, but your story stood out so far above the rest that I couldn't stop reading it aloud, long after my wife was sleeping soundly. Before I got to the end, I already knew I'd be looking up and ordering any books you had published. The description of the mother looking like a lizard on a rock closed the deal. Thanks for writing the way you do.

Sophie Littlefield said...

Hi David,
I am so honored that you enjoyed my story. It means a lot, especially since that story stayed with me so long during my journey. Some day, I would love to go back to that character and do something else with him. Wishing you all best - Sophie