Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day Six: Visitin' Day

Getting out of the house is a good idea for a hermit-writer like me, and seeing my favorite people always makes me feel a thousand times better. Such was the case today, even though the deal was that *we* were supposed to be making *her* feel better: darling Rachael is fresh from an operation and under strict orders to rest.

She's not very good at sitting still, though. She and Julie and I had a bed picnic with all kinds of treats, and we admired her new running shoes (now *that's* a great idea for celebrating healing!) and played with all the pets in residence and gossiped and ogled the UPS man.

And you know what? I barely notice this brace anymore, other than the typing thing. (And eyeliner - that's still beyond me.)

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Reina M. Williams said...

Goodness! Hope you and Rachael are both healing.