Monday, May 7, 2012

Day Five - Hike It Out

I'll admit it - day five was tough. A stick-to-it work schedule combined with a tough conversation I really didn't want to have had me feeling a little low. This is what I usually turn to in times of stress:

Ahhh, the kettle chip...salty, crunchy. I think there's something very soothing about crushing things in one's jaws. But it's not really all that great for you. And with my physical activity somewhat hampered these days I don't need to be pushing lard to the top of the ingredient list . (And yes, Judy, I'm taking my extra calcium!)

Anyway here's what I did instead. Glorious! The trails are in great shape right now, with a little undergrowth but none of the annoying stick-burrs that come later in the season. Now cows yet either, just me and Dog.

Photo courtesy Bay Area Hiker

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