Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 2 - Forgive the Hand

I've spent a couple of days feeling really mad at my broken hand-bone for not healing quicker. Then I woke up today and thought - Wait, *I* was the one who broke it. My fingerbone was just minding its own business when I slammed it into that rock. So I decided not only to forgive but to show my hand how happy I am to be attached to it. I was in the middle of this challenging synopsis, tearing my hair out a little (Mike later helped me fix it) when I thought fuck it and went and got myself the fanciest manicure I could think of, shellac french, and a pedicure for good measure. Sitting in the chair, I thought all kinds of peaceful healing thoughts. That was a couple hours and a few bucks well spent.


Linda Poitevin said...

Very wise on your part. My craniosacral therapist is always on my case about appreciating and loving those hardworking (and yes, somewhat abused) parts of my body that demand attention. You're light-years ahead of me if you're figuring it out for yourself! Sending healing thoughts your way... :)

Reina M. Williams said...

Love the shoes and the mani/pedi! Also wishing you well. :)