Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 15: Done!!!!

Yessssss!  Went to the doc today full of trepidation. She sat down with me and all my x-rays and we had a great talk. My fingers are NOT broken, just very stiff and swollen - and I'm out of the brace!  That's right - I'm typing like a normal person again for the first time in five weeks!  SO excited, I can't even tell you. My little finger doesn't really work yet, and I've got some physical therapy ahead, but I'm definitely on the road to good-as-new.

Don't know if things like this happen to remind us to be grateful...but I am sure feeling grateful. I'm sure I'll soon return to my usual take-everything-for-granted ways, but for today I'm delighted that I have the use of these marvelous hands.

Celebrated with a trip up Mt. Diablo (well, I hadn't been to the doc yet at that point, so it was more like pre-celebrating). I only hiked the summit trail, and on the way down I got turned around and added an extra 2.5 miles, which I wouldn't have minded except I was afraid I was going to be late for my appointment and it was half steep descent and the other half...yes, steep ascent, which I was trying to do quickly. Needless to say I was pretty worn out.

Should sleep well tonight!


Nicole Peeler said...

you are awesome! I give you a five fingered salute! ;)

This Blonde's Life said...

Congrats on being back to semi-normal! I used to live next to Mt. Diablo and loved that area!