Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 13: Caffeinate

Sorry, I fell off the schedule there briefly - a busy mothers' day with my kids and family was followed by an entire day of basking in the new-series glow.

Today, however, I started my new book. I had a good talk with Erika, my editor, and we agreed on the rough outline for the new book. It's tentatively called GRAY HOUSE (love!!!) and it is as shiny and sparkly as any new project ever was, which is to say, quite shiny and sparkly indeed!

Early days in a new book, I love to lay down some serious word count. This time around I can't do that. I think I'm at a little more than half my usual productivity (which kind of makes sense, since I have a little more than half my manual dexterity at the moment.)

I did meet up with the Cabal this morning for some coffee drinking and motivation:

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