Saturday, April 14, 2012

Publishers Weekly on A BAD DAY FOR MERCY

It's Stella season! Last week marked the paperback release of 2011's A BAD DAY FOR SCANDAL (sorry, I was busy being accident prone or I would have let you all know) and the fourth Stella book, A BAD DAY FOR MERCY, will be out June 19th.

Happy to report that PW had nice things to say:

In Anthony Award–winner Littlefield’s solid fourth crime novel featuring Stella Hardesty (after 2011’s A Bad Day for Scandal), Stella leaves Missouri for Wisconsin, where her sister, Gracellen, has received a severed ear in the mail and a $30,000 ransom demand for Gracellen’s grown stepson, Chip. Things get even stranger when Stella arrives in Wisconsin and finds Chip, both ears intact, dismembering a body in his house with the help of his Russian girlfriend, Natalya. The pair swear they found the man, Benton Parch, who happens to be Natalya’s abusive ex-husband, dead when they got home from the movies; they’re only trying to clean up the mess. Chip and Natalya point Stella toward Benton’s former business partner, who’s angry that his name was left off the patent for a version of Spanx for men that the two invented. And then there’s the underground Botox ring to investigate. Littlefield makes sure her feisty heroine has plenty to do. Agent: Barbara Poelle, Irene Goodman Literary Agency. (June)

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Anonymous said...

Hurray! I look forward to catching up with Stella. Hope your injury is on the mend. :)