Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

We celebrated Easter early this year, because I'm going to be hiking in Death Valley on Sunday (yayyyyy!)

Junior pretty much ran the show this year. When she found out Grammy and Grampy were coming. she decreed we should have Polish Easter, so I commenced cooking. I don't care for Polish cuisine (except for the part where everything has a stick of butter or two in it) but I made an effort anyway and it wasn't half bad, despite the fact that you can't get decent kielbasa where I live. (If anyone has a source in the bay area, please let me know!) A few additional stragglers joined the group.

Grammy brought the baranek, the cake baked in the shape of a lamb. After dinner we played our favorite family game, Paper Telephone. It takes a while to explain, but hilarity is pretty much guaranteed and all you need is paper and pencils.

Blessed Easter to all of you who celebrate it!

Here's me and Grammy with the mushroom strudel

The girls decorating eggs...

Yes, this is homemade borscht. (Dad taught me to say it the Polish way, except I can't seem to get the "schzsszt" sound right.) From real beets. I have the red hands to show for it.

Yes, we still have an egg hunt! I imagine we will still be doing this when Junior is thirty...

The baranek before...

...and after the ritual beheading, a family tradition

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