Monday, April 30, 2012

Dog's Secret Stash

I came back from Edgar Week and Malice Domestic to find Dog looking a little...bloated.
This is not an uncommon occurence at our house, as regular readers know: Dog has an uncanny ability to get into cabinets and up on counters and into Tupperware and suitcases and backpack, anywhere that even a crumb of food has been stored. As I tracked her around the yard, trying to see what she had in her mouth (a half-digested Sharper Highlighter, in green) she inadvertently led me to her Secret Stash.
I had never fought my way into this forbidding overgrowth before - imagine my surprise...she has apparently been dragging her prey here to devour it for quite some time now.
But not everything makes it to the stash. Sometimes we discover her in time. Last week's tally of items that "went missing", just for fun 1 box Krusteaze pancake mix 1 dehydrated Mountain House hiking meal 1 box girl scout cookies 1 can mixed nuts 2 molded foam packing dividers from box received from 6PM


Tez Miller said...

I would've closely guarded those cookies, because I love cookies! And your dog got to eat them instead you eating the cookies? Not cool, y'all! ;-)

Rachael Herron said...

I love Dog.