Monday, April 9, 2012

Arkansas Literary Festival

I don't imagine too many of you faithful readers of this blog will find yourselves in Arkansas this week, but just in case, I would love it if you came to see me at the Literary Festival in Little Rock. I'm very excited about this for a few reasons. First of all, Arkansas is right next door to Missouri and so it's practically homeland and I can't wait to get back around my people. The vast horizon, the food, the way people talk, the big smiles...I miss the midwest so much sometimes.

And if that wasn't enough, I get to be in two sessions, one for mystery and one for Young Adult Fiction. For the YA one I'm on my own....but for the mystery one I'll be interviewed along with....Deb Crombie! Yes, *that* Deb Crombie, the one I read for years, never dreaming that one day I'd actually meet her much less share a stage with her.

Pardon me while I fan myself.

And the other extremely exciting thing is that I get to meet some author friends who I've only known online so far. One is local author John Hornor Jacobs, who stole my editor Adam - still furious about that, but he wrote a damn good book so I'm grudgingly forgiving him.

Read about the festival here - my appearances are at 10am and 1pm this Saturday.

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