Tuesday, March 13, 2012

L.A. Quickie

No, no, not *that* kind of a quickie! I just meant that I left the driveway last Friday around ten and got home 36 hours later - me, Juliet Blackwell, and the trusty Volvo. We jammed a lot into those 36 hours:

First stop, halfway to L.A., was Harris Ranch. It's a hotel, restaurant, shop, and fast-food-oasis smack in the middle of cattle country. Out in front, they're always smoking some fantastic hunk of cow...brisket maybe? Of course we had to buy a ton of their home-made beef jerky. I was pretending I would save some for my next hiking trip, but we did a pretty good job on it.

We made great time to L.A., as usual. I'm not sure how that happens...we get into the car, talk about nothing, and BAM, there we are. So we checked into our hotel and went looking for a cafe in which to work. How could we resist when we saw this sign on the wall of Nue Studio & Cafe?

So we sit down with our laptops and the nice guys behind the counter talk us into trying something new. Well, one of us, anyway. It was a cayenne soda. True! I'm gonna hunt that sucker down up here in NorCal and I'll post about it because it's my new addiction.

But anyway, there we are, minding our own business, and then suddenly we're talking to the 6 guys who own this cafe/salon (a salon! how did we miss that part!) and it's been open for literally nine hours or something, and all of a sudden julie's getting her hair done and I'm feeling left out because I just had my hair done up here, so of course I ordered a custom BLUE hairpiece. Yes I did! The guy on the left is making it for me and when he ships it here I'll get Junior to take my picture. Can't WAIT. Julie and I agreed they did a great job on her - she says if only we lived closer, they would be her new regular guys.

Okay finally we're getting to the part of the trip we actually *planned.* Here I am with Ashley Ream at the launch party for her debut novel, LOSING CLEMENTINE. It's getting great reviews and Julie and I both loved it. We hung out with my agent Barbara Poelle, and also Holly Root and Dianne Emley and Sue Ann Jaffarian and Bobby McCue and I'm sorry if I'm forgetting anyone, and there was this ZESTY, COLORFUL lady in an odd getup stuffing the food into her purse after caressing each cube of cheese and individual grape, so *that* was entertaining.

Morning dawned sunny and beautiful...*after* the 2am helicopter police chase over our hotel! Yesss! I am fond of interesting neighborhoods and this one did not disappoint. (well, julie did appear a tiny bit disappointed by the bedbug she found on her pillow. LOLS - that laundry and quarantine was fun!) Here's a view from the window:

After a great breakfast with Barbara in which she ate for two and I ate more than both of them, Julie and I buzzed up to Thousand Oaks and did a book signing with our friend Deb Coonts at Mysteries to Die For. Shop owner Allan was more than welcoming - we felt like the literary queens we suspect we truly are, deep down.


Juliet Blackwell said...

You didn't mention sneaking out on the roof...or was that supposed to stay in LA? Thanks for the great trip, my friend!

Nicole Peeler said...

OMG I wish I could have been there! And did the crazy lady claim the cheese cubes she caressed, or was the caressing just part of the process of selecting the perfect cubes?
That image will make me giggle for HOURS.
Why don't we live closer??????