Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lovely gifties!

A while back I posted about some lovely gifties that had come my way (a copper zombie cookie cutter and a zombie coffee mug), and mused about what I might have done to deserve such bounty. Well, it was another week like that. Not sure what I did to merit such largesse, but yesterday I received a box in the mail from Lesa Holstein, reader, reviewer, and librarian extraordinaire. And of course it contained these:

...along with a note suggesting that a lady's bondage gear collection would not be complete without same. I defer to Lesa's wisdom on the matter. I also have to show you the handmade card she sent - Jen Forbus would love this!

Last week, as temperatures in CA soared and we had a few dizzying Springlike days, the sort that result in rash behavior, I received a package from my dear sister-in-law Lisa. Lisa is one of those over-accomplished types who can run a company with a tiny fraction of her brain and make stuff like this in her spare time. Check out the stitchwork on the cuffs!

Right after our spring weather bacchanalia, temperatures plummeted again. My writing room is a converted garage and it is COLD. So I'm sitting here wearing my beautiful new gloves as I wait for the coffee to be done.

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Lesa said...


I'm so glad you liked the handcuffs. I IMMEDIATELY thought ouf you when I saw them! I'm so glad you like them! Had to send them now before it gets to 100+ here in Arizona.

Enjoy! Hugs!