Monday, February 13, 2012

Free for the Taking: YOUR NEXT BOOK

It occurred to me today as I was out walking that I have far too many incredible book ideas to ever write in one lifetime. So I decided that a new blog feature is going to be me giving away stunning, can't-miss book ideas for lucky authors out there to snap up and turn into bestsellers. Could the next one be you?

(As usual, I'm far better at hook and atmosphere than at actual, uh, PLOT...but maybe my brother will weigh in with a little help there. Between the two of us we'll set you up for surefire literary success!)

Okay so to start things off:

In 1945, as the war was winding down, the American Civilian Public Service sent out a bulletin recruiting what they called "sea-going cowboys," whose job it was to assist the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration in taking livestock to Europe by the shipload, so starving populations could restart their farming and animal husbandry efforts. The agency offered to pay $150 per trip - and because of a shortage of volunteers, they accepted "cowboys" with very little experience.

I realize that this probably sounds like it could be comedic, but I was thinking a stowaway romance might be cool. You know, like the old girl-passing-as-a-young-soldier plot? - so I'm calling this one a romance. Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I did laugh, but it could work, with the right author. Why not the girl as the cowboy? That'd set a precise military man on his rear--or upside down. :)
I won't use it--I have too many book ideas myself! ;)