Monday, January 2, 2012

I Resolve - Oh, Hell Yes I Do

I'm good at New Years Resolutions. Generally speaking, when I decide to do something, it gets done. I didn't end up starting 2012 with what's essentially a completely different life than the one I had five years ago by sitting still...

So I have to decide with care. This is only a partial list, but I want to be cautious about how much of my determination I unleash at a time...

1. Be a better writer. If not with every page I write, then certainly with every book. The craft MATTERS. I may not be able to drown out all the noise generated by the changing publishing model (and the idiots who seem to think they're entitled to tell everyone else what to do and how to do it) - but I CAN make sure that the vast majority of my time is spent on *writing* - not marketing and not promoting. These tasks are important, but they are always, always, always far secondary to the work.

2. Keep working on accepting what I cannot change. (Really, if the Serenity Prayer didn't have the whole, y'know, serenity focus, that alone could be my New Year's resolution, every time. I suck at serenity. But the rest of it's genius.)

3. Love well the friends who make my life a joy and inspire me to be better (and let the rest go, in peace).

4. Remember to delight in my great fortune. Because every day's so damn precious.

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Sarah said...

This is a great list ( or partial, as you pointed out). I may "borrow" some inspiration from it if that's kosher! Happy new serene, inspired year to you!