Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tinfoil Shoes

Last week Maureen Dowd wrote about, of all things, the biannual Manolo Blahnik sample sale. I didn't know much about the guy, except he designs shoes that are wayyyy out of my price range, but then I read this:

"During [Blahnik's] lonely childhood in the Canary Islands, he captured lizards and made shoes for them out of tinfoil saved by his mother from her Camel cigarette cartons."

There is so much story in that single sentence. If I had the cash I'd go out and buy a pair right now, I love that so much.

Perhaps these.

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Rachael Herron said...

Those might be the sexiest shoes I've ever seen, and damned if I'm not going to try to work a kid making a lizard foil shoes into a book at some point.

Also, my word verification below is "langster." Language hipster? Ack!