Monday, November 21, 2011

My Thanksgiving Post

I'm thankful for my family and friends, of course, and for blessings earned and unexpected both. In no particular order:

Hearing "Mom, I love it here" after sending my baby out of the nest and off to college.
Fantastic co-workers, some of whom blur the whole friend/colleague line so hard you'd never know a line was ever there. In particular the one who never met a cliff she didn't want to jump off, and never runs out of "Hell yeah"
The sunset on the Lost Coast, even if - perhaps especially if - I hadn't showered in 4 days.
The wig shop - and the example G2 sets every day, and the gargoyle angel watching over her.
Everyone fighting over Mike.
Youthful ebullience - Junior's, and occasionally, mine. :)
That night on the roof.
Discovering a new, obscure author who took my breath away. Reading a passage that makes my heart pound. Reading.
Don Giovanni, and a spectacular donut.
A new Pen, and the old ones. Knowing there's a tire iron and an alley - figuratively, of course - for anyone who crosses us.
Parking lots and dashboard lights.
Smitty's, knowing there's a place JB'll always take me in, fries for dinner, Laphroaig, secret decoder necklaces, the way you always think your hair looks worst when it looks the BEST, sharing Watermelon Burts Bees, 1000 other things we haven't discovered yet.

Did I mention the best job in the world? If I ever finish this beast of a book, this is how I want to celebrate:

I want to walk into my favorite bar with my trusty sidekick. Outside it'll be raining, but inside it'll be as cozy as only neon bar signs and career drinkers and old linoleum floors and Marcello can make it. There, at the bar, will be Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. They'll buy us a drink - probably a shot of Old Crow with a bottle of Rolling Rock, and we'll spend the night telling tales. At about three in the morning, someone will suggest getting a little something to eat at the Merritt Diner. Probably a pile of bacon and a scrambled egg. And if Willie steals a kiss as the sun comes up and we stagger home, well, sometimes you just have to live a little.

Thank You, Big Guy, for blessing me every day and for keeping things interesting.


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MB said...

Shit, girl. You can hella write.

Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for the astonishing bounty Fortune strews about, occasionally hidden under rocks or covered by sticker plants.

Happy turkey day, missy!