Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On The Stands This Month - More Than Usual of Me

In a lovely, strange confluence of events, I am in not one but two magazines this month: the October issues of both Writer's Digest and Psychology Today!

In the former I wrote an essay for an article called "What an Agent Can Really Do For You," in which I assiduously avoid the question and ramble on about how Barbara and I are basically industry Glamour-Don'ts.

In Psychology Today, my brother and I were in this article called "Talent Dynasties: When Siblings Share the Spotlight." In the car today Junior said dubiously, "I wouldn't exactly call you and Uncle Mike a 'dynasty'" and changed the subject, so it seems doubtful that fame will ensue. It was a lot of fun, but after taking ten billion photos of us, they picked the one where Mike looks scowly, as if he's thinking "ha, Franzen, I don't see your literary ass in here!" and I look tentative and bland, not at all like a writer of apocalypses and bondage gear. They did airbrush out my cellulite, however, so I am not complaining.


Tez Miller said...

Which book are you and Mike holding in the photo?

Ah, Junior - nothing like kids to get your ego down to size ;-)

M.E. said...

I found you after reading your feature in Writer's Digest - yay! Cool that you were in two magazines this month! :)